Today is #BiketoWorkDay2016! Here's a list of the best cities for biking. Where is your favorite place to bike?
  1. Hamburg, Germany
    Altes land hamburg germany cycling
    Aside from hosting one of Europe’s biggest bike races, the Vattenfall Cyclassics, Hamburg is a great city for those looking for more leisurely rides. Bike outside of the city center to the Altes Land to see ancient windmills and blossoming apple trees. Photo Courtesy: Kuttig - Travel / Alamy
  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    West river parkway minneapolis minnesota
    Minneapolis stands out because of the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, a series of park areas that encircle the city. The byway has separate paths for bikes that essentially transform the trail into an entirely separate all-cyclist freeway. Photo Courtesy: Greg Ryan / Alamy
  3. Vienna, Austria
    Baroque karlskirche vienna austria cycling
    Vienna is constantly working to make itself better for cyclists, with traffic-calming efforts and a variety of excellent trails. The Danube cycle path stretches 245 miles throughout Austria, including sections by Vienna’s Stadtpark and Karlskirche. Photo Courtesy: Luis Dafos / Alamy
  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Buenos aires architecture argentina
    Buenos Aires—the only South American city to appear on the list—has added nearly 90 miles of cycling infrastructure in the past three years alone. The popular company Biking Buenos Aires offers different tour routes, including one tour focusing on architecture and one focusing on street art and graffiti. Photo Courtesy: Radius Images / Alamy
  5. Barcelona, Spain
    Moll de la fusta barcelona spain cycling
    Barcelona has an extremely successful sharing program, Bicing, which has pushed cycling to the forefront of transportation. You can find tons of great routes both through the city and seaside—get into the Moll de la Fusta bike lane for a scenic ride past the palm trees and beaches. Photo Courtesy: Hemis / Alamy