These Pets Travel Better Than You

Today's Traveler Tuesday brings you some of our favorite pets on Instagram. These animals truly capture the spirit of adventure and really make us wish we had our own furry little travel companion. See more:
  1. Aspen, the Golden Retriever.
    A four-year-old Golden Retriever named Aspen—based in Colorado, naturally—travels around with owner and photographer Hunter Lawrence. Follow their trails @aspenthemountainpup. (Photo: Hunter Lawrence)
  2. Loki, the Wolf Dog
    Owner Kelly Lund takes Loki—a husky, Arctic wolf, and Alaskan Malamute mix—on adventures to keep him active and entertained. "Breaking hearts since 2012" @loki_the_wolfdog. (Photo: Kelly Lund)
  3. Burma, the Adventurous Cat.
    From the Grand Tetons to the Ruby Mountains, Burma and owner Stephen Simmons have scaled many of North America's most iconic mountains together. Simmons’s dog Puppi joins them most of the time. Catch their adventures @burmaadventurecat. (Photo: Stephen Simmons)
  4. Miami, the Italian Chihuahua.
    Follow @miami_travelller_dog from Santorini to Notre Dame. (Photo: Marianna Chiaraluce)