Top Places to Put on Your Bucket List for 2016

It's a new year and it's time for new adventures. Here are the places we're putting on our list for 2016. See the full list of 16 for 2016:
  1. Sri Lanka
    Long overshadowed by its Indian and Maldivian neighbors, this tropical island remains affordable, uncrowded, and relatively unexplored. Colombo, the country's seaside capital, is undergoing a cosmopolitan upgrade.
  2. Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
    Okinawa and its islands aren't "just a scattered, reggae-sweetened necklace of islands closer to Taiwan than to Tokyo, but one that actively seeks to turn Japanese congestion, industry, and formality on their heads," Pico Iyer wrote in Traveler's December issue. They're also blissfully free of crowds, known mostly to locals.
  3. Mozambique
    Is Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago the unexpected honeymoon destination of 2016? "I have several friends headed that way," says contributing editor Mark Ellwood, aiming for the main city of Vilankulo and the cluster of six islands—known for their snorkeling, swimming, and wildlife spotting—in the Indian Ocean.
  4. Australia
    At this moment, on all fronts, Australia is simply—as the kids say—crushing it. Its food culture is as inventive and influential as any today, with marquee chefs beating paths here (g'day, René Redzepi!). The country's style quotient is on a similar trajectory—just ask Sydney tastemakers like Sibella Court, Maurice Terzini, Justin Hemmes
  5. Ecuador and the Amazon
    If you’re headed all the way to Brazil, you might as well make a proper trip of it: Extend your stay with a stopover in Ecuador, where Quito’s Old Town is both a UNESCO World Heritage site and a bit of Florence, Italy, with spectacularly gilded churches and cobbled streets.