Top Things We Want in Our Life Right Now

Some cool stuff to give the tech-savvy jet-setters on your list. We'll have two of each, please. See what else you're missing out on:
  1. Moment lenses
    Ever wonder how your favorite Instagrammers capture the most incredible photos? Say hello to the Moment lenses.
  2. The BauBax
    Maximize what you carry on to your next flight by wearing most of it. The BauBax Travel Jacket raised more than $9 million on Kickstarter this year, and it’s easy to see why. The jacket/suitcase can carry everything from an iPad to a drink.
  3. August Connect
    Upgrade your August smart lock with August Connect. The Wi-Fi-enabled device allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world.
  4. The Narrative Clip
    For the next level Traveler. Put down your camera and still capture every moment of your travels. The Narrative Clip is a wearable camera that fastens to your shirt pocket and captures full high-definition video and photos while you spend time enjoying the world around you. It's even geo-tagged!
  5. Galaxy Gear VR
    Of course we couldn't complete this list without the Galaxy Gear VR. Virtual reality seems like it's everywhere these days. Here's how you can transform a tiny coach seat into the movie theater of your dreams.