Things we did/saw in London and Poland

  1. Watched Prince Harry run over a Chinese girl with his bike
  2. Bought exotic lube and (possibly) stole a bottle of poppers at a sex could have been a gift
  3. Came up with a British term for panties...fanny cradle
  4. Had dinner at Sky Garden
  5. Visited Auschwitz
  6. Visited the village Tony's family immigrated from in the late 1800s
  7. Had a Polish guy with bad breath try and make out with me in a gay club
  8. Got the FIL and UA super drunk on vodka flights
  9. Hiked in the Tatra Mountains
  10. Toured Wawel Castel and the cathedral where JPII heard confessions as a priest
  11. Ate dinner at the oldest restaurant in Poland (possibly all of Europe)
  12. Got locked out of the apartment while husband is passed out drunk in bed and had to yell from the street until someone let me in