I want you to know that I'm not complaining, first of all. We have a great school and I don't really worry about the bathrooms. This is just to help you find the most pleasant ones and avoids the bad ones. Of course, I can only speak for half the bathrooms in the school given my gender, but here are the bathrooms at school, from worst to best...
  1. Pool locker room
    It's something out of a dream. In a marsh of dilapidated lockers, you wallow through half an inch of water. A musty haze rolls in and permeates into your lungs. There's no door on the stall, but at least some kid kindly left his wet swim trunks on the bench for you if you need them.
  2. S wing
    I'm sure girls know what I'm talking about here since there is actually no door in the entrance to the bathroom, make this essentially part of the S wing hallway. With a flushes per usage ratio at about 1/8, this bathroom comes in second from worst to best.
  3. Gym locker room
    It's a shame no one actually showers after gym anymore. Plus there's the usual no stall door nonsense. Plus there's always a lax bro on towel whipping duty, so keep your head on a swivel.
  4. Science wing bathroom
    Someone always opens the windows, making it freezing most of the time during the school year. Otherwise not that bad.
  5. Language wing bathroom
    Science's upstairs twin, the language bathroom is usually pretty good. The paper towel dispenser hasn't worked for a while though.
  6. Music/auditorium bathroom
    I can't actually confirm or deny that we have a bathroom in this area, but if there is one here, it's probably pretty decent since I would imagine mostly administrators, guidance councilors, and music teachers use it. And I would hope that it's well kept up since that's where everyone coming for a play or concert would have to go.
  7. Upstairs T bathroom
    Good water fountains outside. Only two of the sinks work though, and someone last year had a tradition of missing the end urinal by a few inches every time. Otherwise, all doors are in place and not a terrible feel.
  8. Downstairs T bathroom
    "Avoid the T" does not apply for bathrooms. In a very convenient location, this restroom features 100% working sinks and a futuristic water bottle filler outside. Tip: when drinking from the water fountains, the cold water sinks to the lower fountain.
  9. Interdisciplinary wing bathroom
    It's new, big, and rather unpopular.
  10. Gym lobby bathroom
    It's not fancy, but no one uses this and it has a good water fountain. Plus it has more charm than the interdis wing.
  11. Courtyard
    I know what you're thinking. There's no bathroom in the court yard, it's outside. I would now like to point out that that is a contradictory statement. In the courtyard, you can be one with nature and do your business anywhere you please, and what is better than that?