because I've been binging it on Netflix Also I'm not including Norm or Cliff because duh, everyone likes them. ALSO I am only on season 5 on Netflix so I might add to this.
  1. Carla
    I want to be as tough as carla when I grow up. We'll I am grown up but you know what I mean. She doesn't take crap from anyone. And if you give her crap you will regret it. She can verbally, and probably even physically, beat up anyone even while 9 months pregnant.
  2. Woody
    Really this could say Woody/ Coach because they are the same character in a lot of ways. The adorable idiot. But I like Woody a little more. Because he's a little more adorable and a little more idiot.
  3. Frasier
    Obviously if a character is good enough to spin off its own insanely successful series that character has got to be the best. And I looove Frasier's cynicism. And if I'm being perfectly honest I haven't watched as much Frasier as I have Cheers, and my main motivation for binging the whole cheers series is because I want to watch all of Frasier next. Also he hates rudolph and it's hilarious