Three Happy Moments From Today

not a bad day indeed
  1. First Blue Apron box came today
    A friend of mine has been getting Blue Apron for awhile and sent us 3 free meals. Today I made this BOMB potato and mushrooms pizza. Saving the recipe to make again in the future. My husband Gabe it 10/10 stars. Although since he is a carnivore and I am a vegetarian he added some chicken sausage to his that was not included in the recipe.
  2. Found out I'm doing well at my new job.
    I work at REI and while we don't get commission on membership a part of our job performance is based on how many we sell. Got to work to find out I'm tied for third for the past two weeks. I have only worked there about a month and a half and I love it but was feeling a bit unsure of myself. I came from an office administration position where everyone came to me to fix everything and while it's nice to not be under that pressure it's also nice to know I am still good at what I do.
  3. I'm going to go paint now.
    A big reason I left my previous job for a more stress free one was because I wanted to put more of my mental focus and energy into my art. And I get to go do that now. Been cranking out pieces faster than ever and loving it