inspired by @dreadpiratemama and @vmacies also took me forever cause I had to go to work. but that gave me time to think, re think, and over think.
  1. Tom Hiddleston - Wadsworth
    So I mentioned that I was making this list to my husband and before he knew about the Marvel recast (Clue: Recast (Marvel Edition)) he said "The Butler could be played by Loki" and I was thinking the exact same thing right before he said it. So Tom Hiddleston it is!!
  2. Kerry Washington - Scarlet
    Scarlet owns the fact that she runs an escort service. She has all the sass and I have watched just enough Scandal to know Kerry may be perfect. You don't mess with Olivia Pope. Or Scarlet. BTW when I play Clue I am ALWAYS Scarlet.
  3. Randall Park - Green
    Green is a clumsy idiot but also super funny. I have only seen him in Fresh off the boat but I feel like Randall Park would capture this perfectly while also being able to capture the twist in one of the three endings that he is in fact not clumsy or being blackmailed but is undercover to catch all the bad guys.
  4. Seth Green - Plum
    The pervy professor got in trouble for sleeping with one of his patients. He also relentlessly hits on Scarlet through the whole movie. I feel like the contrast of Seth Green and Kerry Washington would make this particularly hilarious.
  5. JK Simmons - Mustard
    The retired war veteran who inherited money when his parents died and spent it on prostitutes. Can't you hear him yelling "this is war Peacock!"
  6. Leslie Mann - White
    White is scary. She probably killed both her previous husbands and cut off their "you knoow" none of the men want to be alone with her for fear of death. I feel like Leslie Mann could play a man eater. Also White is probably the funniest.
  7. Julianna Marquilies - Peacock
    Peacock is a crooked senators wife who may or may not be crooked herself. This would be her comedic send off to playing Alicia Florrick on the Good Wife like Colin Firth playing Darcy in Bridget Jones.
  8. @bjnovak - Mr. Boddy
    Boddy is the butthead that is blackmailing all of these people. And BJ is good at playing a butthead see Ryan Howard from the office or Pruitt from The Newsroom.
  9. Aubrey Plaza - Yvette
    Yvette is a dumb French maid who works for scarlet as an escort and is one of the escorts Mustard slept with and one of White's husband and probably Boddy. Aubrey Plaza with a bad French accent and her crazy murder eyes would be perfect.
  10. Bonus - The Other People who get murdered
    these should be cameos from the main actors past. Sarah Michelle Geller - Singing Telegram Girl Plums patient who he slept with. Tobey Maguire - The Motorist used to work for Mustard and it would be funny for him to say "One of them is my old boss from..." Scott Foley - The Cop Scarlet pays him to stay out of her business Christine Baranski - The cook Used to work for Peacock