5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

Hello to my first list... how exciting for you people, okay for me too, for all of us. Random means just that people...I am going to scroll and stop, whatever pic I land on gets added. Luckily I have an 8 yr old son so there's nothing TOO bad on here. I hope !
  1. Of all the damn photos. SNAPCHAT shows its ugly face, or should I say mine LOL...pound puppy isn't all that flattering I must say. WOOF!
  2. Ok...a screenshot I have. I'm planning a Mario themed birthday party for Kye.
  3. A photo from my sons room. Dont judge people...a least it's clean.
  4. Me and the boy making a pouty face...can't remember the exact cause but Im pretty sure it's all your fault.
  5. For the final pic I made my son pick the pic ( well he told me when to stop during the scroll) and it's a photo of me your list author. Kye says..."hey I like that picture of you actually. " And there you have it my friends. First list down...booom!