1. EdWood Scissorhands
    A costume that combines two of my favorite Johnny Depp characters - an angora-loving cross-dresser with a scissor-handed innocent
  2. Benjamin Franklinstein
    If you're gonna reanimate a corpse with electricity, shouldn't it be Ben Franklin's corpse? (I also pitched this to my editor as a middle grade novel. She wants to know what the story would be. So annoying!)
  3. The Mummy Blogger
    A mommy who's a mummy with a blog.
  4. Chewbacca going as Teen Wolf
    Suggested by @DavidSeger
  5. Flaminco dancer
    A flamingo raised in the south of Spain with a passion for traditional dance. 💃
    Suggested by @lgw
  6. Bernie Salamanders
    Up to interpretation, either Bernie Sanders as a salamander or covered in them.
    Suggested by @lgw
  7. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Swift
    There's a lot going on here.
    Suggested by @lgw
  8. Donald Tramp
    Cause Halloween is for being topical but also for being slutty
    Suggested by @mlh