1. @mindy said in an interview that living on PEI would be badass.
  2. My family has a home on PEI. It used to be a church.
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  3. Here are my husband and son painting the steps.
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  4. Anyhoo, every person on the island is very excited that Mindy mentioned PEI and has emailed/tweeted/Facebooked me.
    I think they think because I work on a TV show, I must know her. I don't, but she was a guest on the TV show I work on just the other day!
  5. This list into say, Mindy Kaling, if you would like to visit PEI, we will mail you the keys to the church. The islanders are ready to receive you and treat you like a queen.
    The church, BTW, is in the Green Gables area of PEI. So, it is pretty much the full Anne of Green Gables experience.
  6. This offer goes for pretty much anyone. Our goal was to buy it, fix it and share it with anyone who needed a quiet place to write or reflect or eat mussels alone. And the islanders would treat you like queens too. That's just how they are!