Because I like to give credit where credit is due, full link:
  1. It's important to note that Instagram — social media in general — is just a part of what I do. It’s not the focus. I've got White Girl Rosé, I've got a book coming out, I've got plus-size modeling, I've got all kinds of different stuff happening.
  2. I come from a writing background. That was my genesis. I've been doing moronic stuff since before social media existed. I was sitting in hot tubs full of pasta, and interviewing rappers about whether they liked sleepovers and making them uncomfortable.
  3. Like Ben Parker, Spider-Man's uncle, said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I can't believe I'm actually using that quote, but it really is true. I don't think I realized how much my voice was resonating.
  4. Again, Instagram is just part of a larger thing I do. I have an army of interns working out of the back of a nail salon in Queens. We have so much stuff going on: I'm writing a book, I've got rosé. I need them to bathe me. I've got so many other things that I need them to do.
  5. I've consistently maintained that I'm a commentator. I'm a curator. I'm at the forefront of what's cool and what's hot and what's funny.
  6. In that Katie Couric interview, I talk about how some of it is being submitted by Ukrainian teenagers. But also, I do make original content all over the place. I made a video about teaching homeless people to take spin classes. I do rapper interviews. I've been sitting in hot tubs of guacamole for years.
  7. I'd been doing prank phone-calls for years, I auditioned for the Jerky Boys movie. I've been ordering ridiculous things from the bodega guy for years. It's all part of my performance art, and fun.
  8. You have to understand that the internet is like this giant Jacuzzi of insanity, and it's just filled with so much stuff. I would never take someone's name off something. That's not who I am or what I'm about.
  9. I was drinking a daiquiri nude and looking at the internet, and honestly, I didn't know where it came from.
  10. That was a joke that I'd heard. I heard it, and it was funny, and I wrote it down. The internet was a different landscape then. It didn't feel like things were researchable.
  11. I'm very on the cutting-edge of the internet. I'm up on a lot of the newest shit first. So, if I didn't realize all this about attribution and sources, there are probably other people who also don’t. I'd like to set the standard.