Everyone thinks their kids are the cutest. I don't. They are 16 and 13, bigger than their parents and they don't bring in any money. But, there have been times when they have made me laugh or cry over the years, intentionally and not. In non-chronological order...
  1. When we called in a favor to get Lincoln a tour of Marvel comics for his 13th birthday. This is the only place we were allowed to take a pic.
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  2. When Eli tried to eat a sandwich on the sofa.
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  3. When Eli was leaving for Guatemala for 10 days. (Don't bail out now, they get funnier.)
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  4. Lincoln only drinks from a Martini, Margarita or wine glass. Ever. This is root beer.
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  5. When I was donating my prom dress because I never had a daughter to give it to, Eli put it on and posed. It fit perfectly.
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  6. When Eli got his pictures at a portrait studio, the photographer showed us an outtake she was throwing away, but I bought it.
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  7. Eli serving himself some first birthday cake.
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  8. When my husband got excited because he found his Stevie Nicks shirt from when he was 13 and gave it to Eli who was 13 and this is how it looked.
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  9. This is part of an ongoing series where Eli is delighted to see Santa and Lincoln is fucking miserable. This year he wouldn't take the pic unless we got in it too. If you would like to see more, please friend me on Facebook.
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  10. When Lincoln was thrilled that Santa, who he hates, brought him the only thing he asked for. Pickles.
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  11. Lincoln, après bath.
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  12. Lincoln, for 5th grade "Dress as Your Favorite Fictional Character Day," as Heisenberg.
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  13. This is my favorite photo of all-time. It always will be, so stop trying, other photos. For Eli's 9th birthday, in July, we were having a beach party. I asked 6 year-old Lincoln to go to his room and get dressed for it. This is what he came down wearing. Best possible choice.
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