We spend a lot of time on Prince Edward Island in Canada. We bought an old church and fixed it up to be a house like the heathens we are. But as the years pass, there are certain Island mysteries that we may never solve.
  1. Why does one local radio station add new drum machine tracks to existing popular songs? Does this happen anywhere else?
  2. Everyone here has a "lobster guy" who will sell you lobsters from his daily haul. Like a crustacean drug dealer. How do we get the hookup?
  3. Is the Shepherd Fairey-like Andre the Giant on the electrical transformer box in Summerside really by Shepherd Fairey?
  4. When you order an iced coffee at any chain, they offer to put "base" in it. What is "base" and why can nobody tell us when we ask?
  5. Are all the people on the island with the last name "Gallant" related? Everyone is named that here.
  6. Will they ever figure out who was pushing needles into random potatoes here, throwing the PEI potato industry into a tailspin? (Perp aside, the simple solution seems to be to only eat mashed going forward.)