If you find yourself having to say something to a little girl, even a baby, instead of commenting on her appearance and how much it pleases you, mix it up and try one of these! (*Do not go OUT of your way to make small talk with strange children. That is weird at best.)
  1. You are smart!
  2. I like your sense of humor. You are funny!
  3. I bet you are strong.
  4. You seem like a great sister/pet owner/friend.
  5. Or, you could ask her a question about what she is interested in and let her tell you all about it.
  6. That is great! You must feel so proud!!
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  7. It's nice to meet you.
    Suggested by @shauna
  8. (To parents!) Great Job! she looks so clever!
    Suggested by @dena
  9. You're awesome
    Suggested by @p
  10. What do you think? How do you feel about XYZ/whatever is happening right now?
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  11. What are some of your favorite books? What games do you like to play? What are your favorite colors these days?
    Suggested by @alibaron
  12. You are very clever
    Suggested by @livfinsmith
  13. Your sensitivity may feel like a burden but it will be your greatest strength as an adult.
    Suggested by @kb
  14. "If you grow up to be a princess, you would be a just and principled ruler."
    Suggested by @Waz
  15. You being bossy might work out for you one day...
    Suggested by @jeanette
  16. I love your style!
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  17. How should we do this? Do you have any ideas?
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  18. You are very creative, how did you think of that?
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  19. "What color is your room?"
    This is very basic but it's an all-purpose conversation starter I use with kids since it doesn't involve them having to pick a favorite anything, and it usually spurs a lot of other fun ideas and keeps them talking for awhile. I love asking them questions rather than telling them things, because you never know where it will lead!
    Suggested by @leslie
  20. "Was that fun?"
    As a teacher, I tried to use this more than "good job" when watching a child do a physical activity or dance move or whatever. Hopefully it will send them in the direction of self-reflection about what they enjoy. But if not, that's fine too.
    Suggested by @leslie
  21. Oh wow. You have a lot to do! I'm so glad I get the chance to talk to you!
    Suggested by @AlexandraLouise
  22. You should be President.
    Suggested by @shawnastoltzfoos