1. Because it's after midnight and I work early in the morning (kill me now)
  2. Because studies show I need 8 hrs of sleep per night (who really conducted those tests)
  3. Because not enough coffee in the world can rid my face of a scowl after 5hrs of sleep (as opposed to my already ever present resting bitch face)
  4. Because dark circles under the eyes are not a new fashion craze
  5. Because I might have sweet dreams (Chris Pratt shirtless riding a unicorn carrying a box of dark chocolate and wine)
  6. Because my cat is giving me a death stare (I'm impeding on her time to act like a raving lunatic)
  7. Because who really wants to stay up and watch Last Call with Carson Daly
  8. Because I'm not a quitter (insomnia and restless sleep, here I come)