1. Teenager asleep on the floor in any one of a dozen increasingly unbelievable positions
    They cannot be comfortable. Yet they're pulling it off. You go, Shane (probably)
  2. Woman who travels DECKED OUT. Four-inch heels, tight skirt, a Sephora's worth of makeup
    Where is she coming from? Where is she going? She is a unicorn
  3. Parents holding onto the distant thread of hope that they'll get through this flight without their two-year-old having a meltdown
    Spoiler alert: you're living in a fantasy land
  4. Dedicated Businessman who simply MUST check on his various spreadsheets heaven forbid his spreadsheets go unmonitored
  5. Cluster of middle aged women who have gotten a serious head start on their vacation by draining the liquor shelf of the airport's Buffalo Wild Wings
    They're gonna have the BEST TIME EVERRRRR WOOOOOO
  6. Starbucks employee at an understaffed Starbucks
    Hates everything, no exceptions. ESPECIALLY hates you
  7. Judgmental 25 year old scrutinizing everyone dickishly from behind her cellphone