Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. Cockroaches in general
  2. United Airlines
  3. That hill at the corner of La Cienega and Sunset
    Because I drive a goddamn stick shift
  4. This one boy called Sam
    We were in second grade. The teacher had us write every day in our notebooks, and Sam and I were in a contest to see who could fill the most pages. I wrote an incredible piece of what amounted to Animorphs/Star Wars crossover fan fiction. Years down the line, I mentioned this to Sam. The motherfucker had been DOODLING to fill up pages; not even writing a little. I will never forgive him.
  5. This other boy called Sam
    I have a bad track record with Sams. This guy - in my fourth grade class - was the WORST. Even my parents admitted that he was most likely a sociopath. I got so fed up with his bullshit that I punched him right in the middle of field day and got sent to the sidelines. No regrets.
  6. This one girl called Adaeze
    We were in fifth grade. She was far more popular than me and played four-square with her friends every day at recess. I tried for an entire goddamn year to get invited - no dice. #foreverbitter
  7. These asshole kids at rocket camp
    I went to rocket camp at the Goddard Space Center when I was 10. We built model rockets all day. Should have been awesome, but I was the only girl, and the other boys teased me mercilessly and told me I shouldn't be there. Stuck to the counsellors all session. I sincerely hope those boys rot in hell.
  8. This one woman called Kate
    I rang her up when I worked at a second hand store in the Chicago suburbs - when I checked her ID, it turned out we were related. She glared at me when I exclaimed over this. Then, when she came to the store again a few weeks later, she pretended not to know me. Automatic shit list.