In no particular order - they are all first in my heart. And I'm not talking bullshit Strong Female Characters here - get three dimensions or get the fuck out of my face.
  1. Inara and Zoe (Firefly)
    Played by Morena Baccarin and Gina Torres, respectively. Equally kickass, though one is more traditionally feminine and one more traditionally masculine. Plus - non-vilified sex worker!
  2. Meg Masters (Supernatural)
    Played by Nikki Aycox and Rachel Miner. Not many female characters in fantasy narratives get redemption arcs, I've noticed - that's a luxury typically reserved for men. Meg's wasn't as fully realized as it could have been, but at least she had one (what's up, extremely low bar)
  3. Liv Moore (iZombie)
    Played by Rose McIver.
  4. Jenny Mills (Sleepy Hollow)
    Played by Lyndie Greenwood. If you were betrayed by your sister, became a Colonial-Era-artifact-thief in an attempt to stave off the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were locked in a psych ward, would YOU emerge all ripped like Sarah Connor and proceed to kick eternal ass? No you would not because you are not this awesome. P.s. This show is nutballs.
  5. Sun (Lost)
    Played by Yunjin Kim.
  6. Dana Scully (The X-Files)
    Played by Gillian Anderson. The O.G.
  7. Adele DeWitt (Dollhouse)
    Played by Olivia Williams.
  8. Annie (Being Human)
    Played by Lenora Crichlow.