Because fuck $14 cocktails
  1. The Big Fish
    Glendale. This place feels like the Twilight Zone - the first time I wandered into it, I wondered whether I'd hit my head and was hallucinating. The floor is carpeted, and many eons old. Everything from the pool table to the clientele (all 65+) is pockmarked. And the best part? The karaoke. Every single regular WILL get up to sing, and they all have the voices of angels. If I lived in Glendale I would be here all the time.
  2. Backstage Bar and Grill
    Culver City. I like this place - the drinks aren't too expensive, and there's a fun crowd (it's right across from the Sony lot). Every time I get carded at the door I have the same conversation with the bouncer: "you're from Maryland? I'm from Ellicott City!" I know, bro, shut up. Downside: I cannot come here anymore as I accidentally dated the bartender.
  3. Little Bar
    Mid-City. Pretty good, as long as you don't mind sitting a fucking barrel or some shit while you drink. I dunno, I'm not a cooper, that's not always for me.
  4. Cozy Inn
    Culver City. YESSS. Nowhere else in Los Angeles have I gotten drunk on cheap whiskey before being propositioned (along with my boyfriend) for a foursome by a highly intoxicated fortysomething couple. Now I know that the way to see if another couple is open to this kind of thing is NOT to slur "so does your man... Like it both ways?" into someone's ear when all they want to do is eat tacos.