For your various needs. Predominantly based in and around the Culver City/Cheviot Hills area.
  1. Coffee Shop - for working: Bricks and Scones
    403 N. Larchmont. Cozy corners, dim-but-not-too-dim lighting, easy street parking. I could spend all day writing here.
  2. Coffee Shop - for coffee: Undergrind Cafe
    2713 S. Robertson Blvd. This is hands-down some of the tastiest coffee I've ever had in my life - bonus points for the fact that it's right around the corner from me!
  3. Mechanic: Ed Little Auto
    4318 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City. They're probably the most honest mechanics in LA. If it's a quick and easy fix, they might even do it for free! On the downside, they're not open on the weekends :P
  4. French Fries: The Alibi Room
    12236 W Washington Blvd. BRO. These fries are my ideal fry. If the Tea Partiers are right and, now that same-sex marriage is legal we'll be able to marry whatever we want, I am proposing to these fries tomorrow.
  5. Shoe Repair: Angelo's Shoe Repair
    9850 National Blvd. Fast turnaround and good prices. If you have a bag or a pair of boots in need of some love, this is where to take them.
  6. Italian: Speranza
    2547 Hyperion Ave. And I'm not just saying this because I saw Danny DeVito there on my birthday. Their squid ink pasta is 💯 and their chocolate mousse ruined me for all other desserts
  7. Dive Bar: The Cozy Inn
    11155 Washington Pl. It's a true dive - no kitchen on the premises - featuring pool and shuffle board tables. Plus: cheap drinks, and always the possibility for you and your boyfriend to get propositioned for a foursome by a drunk middle aged couple on a Thursday night.