It was a real struggle not to make a Donald Trump joke here
  1. Dragon
    No downside
  2. Poltergeist
    I am messy anyway this is a walk in the postmortem park
  3. Succubus
  4. El Chupacabra
    I hate goats anyway so yeah, I'll eat a few
  5. Selkie
    It's all very romantic until some Deadliest Catch asshole steals your skin and forces you to marry him
  6. Werewolf
    It always seemed like werewolves in stories really weren't taking proper precautions. I feel like this is more manageable than we've been led to believe. Anti-werewolf propaganda
  7. Genie
    Pro: Super strong. Immortal. Con: lack of free will.
  8. Golem
    Same as genie, with the added shiftiness of being made of clay (how tacky)
  9. Swamp monster
    Did you mean "me after a run"? (I'll be here all week)
  10. Vampire
    Played out