1. Weirdly, I haven't reflected much on this.
  2. I feel like it kind of scabbed over in my head - one of those things I don't want to remember that much, mostly because I didn't process it as it was happening
  3. I was just starting sixth grade in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb right outside DC
  4. We were all gathered in the cafeteria in the morning before heading to class when my friend got dropped off - Joan. She said she saw something weird on TV
    Tall buildings in New York were burning, she said
  5. We went to class - and then the news came that the Pentagon had been hit
  6. Everyone was panicking because, in that part of the U.S., the odds are damn good that at least one of your folks works in a government building
    My mom was at the FDA - they went into lockdown, then evacuated everyone. I didn't know this at the time, but my dad spent several hours frantically trying to get ahold of her.
  7. By 1pm the school closed - parents came to pick us all up. Again, I don't think I really processed what was happening. I was eleven.
  8. Schools were closed for the next few days. My father, the big-hearted man that he is, went with the Red Cross to help sift through the rubble at the Pentagon
    He doesn't talk about those few days that much. I remember playing dress-up games with my best friend Lily in her basement.
  9. Later that school year, snipers started driving around my school district shooting random people out of their vans.
    Teachers would literally cover students with their bodies as they full-on SPRINTED from their parent's car to the school doors
  10. Fucked-up year. Fucked. Up. Year.