Idea stolen blatantly from @carolineschwartz. In other news, I am a massive nerd.
  1. Leverage
    BRO. If you enjoy heists, friendship, shenanigans, and some of the most three-dimensional, stereotype-shattering characters ever, WATCH THIS SHOW. It's like Ocean's Eleven meets Robin Hood.
  2. Hannibal
    I want to rub every artsy shot and clever line of dialog all over my body.
  3. Sherlock
    Now, older and wiser, I regret this massively. I would like to send a custom-wrapped, personalized "fuck you" to Steven Moffat, that massive misogynist. Forget me telling you to watch this show, it was a huge mistake.
  4. Merlin
    Kay, hear me out. This is a children's show - AT FIRST. But as it ventures further into Once and Future territory, shit gets majorly real. It's awesome, and Colin Morgan and Bradley James need to be big names Stateside, like, stat.
  5. Firefly
    RIP, you problematically Caucasian, intriguing world.
  6. The Hour
    WATCH IT. WATCH IT NOW. It's an un-shitty version of "Mad Men" - same time period, but a Cold War thriller instead of a manpain character slog. Plus: Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw are magic together.
  7. The Mighty Boosh
    Majorly hit-and-miss with introducing this to others, just such a specific brand of comedy. But if you like uber-surreal stuff, as well as some improv'd singing, give it a shot.
  8. Supernatural
    Yeah, I can't defend myself on this one.