And it's only August!
  1. That book series you loved when you were 12 is probably not as good as you remember
  2. Just because you've given your time and effort to someone doesn't mean they feel obligated to help you out when the chips are down - not as many people have your back as you think
  3. Apple products extremely do not last forever
  4. Jogging to get healthy feels good for a while, until you realize what you're doing to your knees
  5. Just because your parents are parents doesn't mean that they won't throw temper tantrums and ruin important events if they feel like they're not being appreciated enough
  6. Art is a skill, just like juggling, language, or gardening - it can be learned and taught, and just because you can do it doesn't mean you're special.
  7. You are very much not special and that's okay