1. My parents met in NYC in the early 80s - mom was a law student, dad was at Julliard for acting
  2. When they had me and moved to DC in 1990, my dad stayed home with me (and later my sister) while my mom went to work for the government
  3. While arrangements like this are more common now, that was very much not the case in the early 90s
  4. You will be very confused when your friends say things like "I have never seen my father wash a dish."
    I didn't realize things like that were the norm until around high school
  5. OTHER people will be confused when you tell them you consult your mother when you have financial questions
    My mom is a finance GENIUS
  6. Your father will take advantage of his time with you by brainwashing you with the sort of pop culture HE likes
    As a result, I am a SF/F geek who can recite the original Star Wars word-for-word. MST3K and the X-Files will always be close to my heart
  7. People will assume your mother is cold and unfeeling
    I've been hearing this sexist nonsense as long as I can remember. Just because a woman has a career she enjoys doesn't mean she doesn't love her family! My mother is incredibly warm, smart, and funny - and she has always made it clear that we are her #1 priority
  8. Given your parents' example, you will expect men to be willing to listen to you and take you seriously
    You will be sorely disappointed
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