1. A dinosaur
  2. Groucho Marx
  3. An astronaut
    Then I went to model rocket camp, where I was the only girl. I was informed by everyone else there that this made me hugely unfit to be an astronaut. Nine year old boys are terrible.
  4. A writer
    My grandfather was many things - a chronic pipe smoker. A man who could really work a flat cap. A total jackass. He was also a writer, which was awesome and inspirational. Then I figured, in a fit of aggressive realism (especially at 11) that this wasn't a financially feasible future (wut up, alliteration) and ditched this dream
  5. An FBI agent
    Right around the time I discovered the X-Files
  6. An actor
  7. A writer, pt. 2
    Turns out that all that TV I'd been wildly consuming? SOMEONE had to write it!