1. Chipotle
  2. Noodles&Co.
    You have to use a fork, which makes it fancier than Chipotle
  3. This one random beads-and-incense shop
    My hometown is Aging Hippie Central
  4. The Air and Space Museum
    More times than I can count. And I get it, boys - it was free, it was a Metro ride away, it was SPACE... But I was seriously brought here as a "surprise" no less than three times by three separate guys.
  5. Behind this one tree
  6. The basement of his house
    So I could listen to his metal band practice. I was not consulted as to whether I would want to do this - it was just assumed. Now I know what a "death metal scream" sounds like when ripped from the throat of a 16 year old boy
  7. His great-aunt's funeral
    1.) we were 14. 2.) we had been "dating" for three weeks? 3.) I was critiqued at this event for not being Jewish, like his family. Probably doesn't actually count as a date but whatever
  8. The Renaissance Festival
    10/10 would recommend