1. Ran into a pole and got a minor concussion.
  2. Didn't know how to talk to my crush in 6th grade so I told him he was really tall.
  3. Because winter sucks... I ended up slipping once I got inside the school instead of outside like normal people.
  4. Hit a school staff members parked car.... Hopefully they still let me graduate.
  5. The first time I met my Uncles girlfriend I spit on her... By accident of course.
  6. Slipped on ice in the mall parking lot.
  7. Went down instead of up in one of our dance routines
  8. While stunting in dance having my head smack into one of my friends Vag.
  9. Anytime a cute boy noticed me buying a coloring book.
  10. When I got the word extinct and endangered mixed up, and called a tiger extinct.