Top 10 Things I Hate at the Moment.

These things change regularly.
  1. People who walk slowly in front of me.
    I have places to be people! I didn't realize we were in the turtle lane! 🙄
  2. People being a couple in front of my locker.
    Go kiss somewhere else.
  3. My biology class.
    Why is this class even required?
  4. Most kids.
    Kids between the ages 7- no longer an annoying kid.
  5. Freshman.
    Not your fault you're still getting used to the school..... But still you could walk faster and not stop in the middle of the hallway.
  6. Hot chocolate instructions.
    Please could they be more descriptive?
  7. Winter.
    In Minnesota it feels like winter is never ending.
  8. Monday's... Or every day except for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    My only plans for the weekend is to sleep 👌🏻
  9. Donald Trump.
    Are people really going to vote for him? I mean he wants to date his daughter.... Freak.
  10. Other people's attitudes.
    My attitude + your attitude do not go together.