What worked and what didn't in the recent enactment of Shakespeare's classic tragedy.
  1. Thing that worked: Peter Sarsgaard as Hamlet
    While he is not a typical Hamlet, his approach was certainly unique and refreshing. He delivered many of his lines as if he was tired and fed up with life, instead if simply being insane.
  2. Thing that worked: Stephen Spinella as Polonius
    He was funny, while still giving the appearance of someone who takes themselves serious. Very straightforward, and all the better because of it.
  3. Thing that worked: the set
    They made a good use of the small space, and they easily changed the setting of the scene with the lighting. Also, the square wreath if flowers overhead was simply beautiful.
  4. Thing that didn't work: absence of the Ghost
    While this does make it seem as if Hamlet simply imagines the Ghost, and that he is going crazy, it makes the first scene make absolutely no sense, as Horatio and the others also see the Ghost. Also, how does Hamlet learn of his father's murder otherwise?
  5. Thing that didn't work: fight scene
    After a three hour play, you would expect the final fight scene to be extremely exciting. However, the fighting was very sparse, and Laertes death was clumsy and anticlimactic. Finally, Peter Sarsgaard never actually closed his eyes, making it seem as if Hamlet didn't die.
  6. Thing that didn't work: presence of actors in scenes they aren't part of
    For example, during the scene in which Horatio tells Hamlet of the Ghost, Ophelia was sitting less than a foot away from the conversation. It almost seemed as if she was listening in, which makes very little sense.