As of September 2015, in no particular order:
  1. AM by The Arctic Monkeys
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  2. Attack & Release by The Black Keys
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  3. Morrison Hotel by The Doors
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  4. Born Sinner (Deluxe) by J.Cole
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    The non-deluxe edition is pretty cool, but the Deluxe is just plain awesome.
  5. 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J.Cole
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  6. Watch The Throne by JAY Z and Kanye West
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  7. Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe) byBig Sean
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    Again the regular version isn't bad, it's actually pretty cool.
  8. Brothers by The Black Keys
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    It's not interesting visually, but the cover, as well as the rest of the album artwork, is pretty funny.
  9. Section 80 by Kendrick Lamar
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  10. Under Pressure (Deluxe) by Logic
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