Not every article written for @Voxdotcom gets published. Here are a few that didn't make the cut.
  1. Think High-Waisted Americans Aren't Victims of Discrimination? Here's Why You're Wrong.
  2. Red Lobster Menu Items Ranked by Total Crab Content.
  3. The Surprising Link Between Bigfoot Sightings and Hot Yoga Participation.
  4. The Vox Vending Machine has Only One Slot Designated for Cool Ranch Doritos. That's a Huge Mistake.
  5. 13 Murderous Dictators Matched with the Seinfeld Episodes that Explain their Rise to Power.
  6. Your Ass from a Hole in the Ground in 15 Convincing Charts and Graphs.
  7. Two-Sentence Headlines are Proven to Turn Readers into More Thoughtful Consumers of News and Information. Think About It.
  8. Why Ezra Klein Should Never Wear Bicycle Shorts, in one Enormous Photo.
  9. You've Been Using the Wrong Baking Cups for your Cupcakes, You Fucking Dimwit.
  10. Congressional Democrats who get Reelected on Rainy Days Become More Conservative.*
    *Mistakenly published on May 15th, 2016.
  11. Is Fracking worth it? Short Answer: No; Needlessly Tedious Answer: This Article.
  12. How the NFL's Concussion Protocol Leads Inevitably to Holocaust Denial.
  13. Pretentious Know-it-allism, Explained.