Be Still My 90's Heart

So, Hanson just performed an acoustic version of their song "Mmmbop" on GMA and I'm not sure I'm even still breathing...
  1. Want a taste of the 90's perfection? You got it...
  2. First of all, did they all get trapped in the desert for a solid week or so?
  3. Not that I mind, because a tan looks gooooood on Hanson.
  4. Most specifically, Taylor "how did you get so beautiful you god damn American treasure" Hanson.
  5. At 32 years old, this is as amazing as it was when 15.
  6. I feel like I'm back at the concert, mmming and bopping, wearing my homemade Hanson t-shirt.
  7. Yea, I said homemade heard me.
    Every t-shirt was a picture of Hanson, with the t-shirt wearer kissing them on each side.
  8. This picture of my friends is the only remaining evidence of said t-shirts.
  9. But daaaaaamn, that Taylor Hanson.
  10. Those bangs.
  11. That wisp of facial hair.
  13. Now, you'll have to excuse me while I play this on a loop for the next 48 hours.
  14. Talk you guys in an Mmmbop, okay byeeeeeee!