How To Summer

We just moved, so, it's time to Summer.
  1. Today marks a week in our new house and we have a HUGE backyard that we get to utilize.
  2. I'm talking primo, Grade A yardage, folks.
  3. This house is three levels, so there is a lot to do.
  4. We need to unpack about 30 boxes that contain everything we own.
  5. There's more shelving and bookcases to buy, to display all of our books and comics.
  6. We have to hang up all of our art prints since the walls are currently bare.
  7. There's about a thousand windows that need curtains and blinds.
  8. There's a home office that needs to be organized and filled with office type things.
  9. But we wanted to take care of the important things first.
  10. So we bought this.
  11. And don't worry, it has cup holders.
  12. Excuse me while I properly Summer, LIKE AN ADULT.