Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe that the middle brownie piece is the best brownie piece.
  2. I believe that you should never feel guilty or ashamed for saying "No" to something or someone.
  3. I believe that knowing which Goonie you are, is far more important than knowing which Sex and the City'er you are. Ps, I'm obviously Mouth.
  4. I believe in laughing when someone trips, as long as you help them after.
  5. I believe that Walking in Memphis is the perfect song.
  6. I believe in beach wave hair for all occasions.
  7. I believe that if you can find solace in being by yourself from time to time, you can handle anything that's thrown at you.
  8. I believe in a good, fuck you!
  9. I believe eggs benedict is always the right breakfast choice.
  10. I believe there's never a bad time for a game of Uno.
  11. I believe there are no extra points given out for being offended, so lighten up.
  12. I believe no teen heartthrob will ever measure up to JTT.
  13. I believe in the ability to enjoy a good bad movie.
  14. I believe in doing whatever it takes to make people laugh as hard as they can.
  15. I believe Boy Meets World can teach you everything you need to know about relationships.
  16. I believe in never being too old for animated movies.
  17. I believe honey mustard is the grand Poobah of dipping sauces.
  18. I believe every day is improved by a random, intense, dance party.