So You Shared a Rainbow Meme on Facebook...

Tragedy affects us all differently, I know that. But we are adults, with a plethora of opinions, ideas, imaginations and resources... You can do more for victims of any crisis than changing your Facebook photo to the colors/ribbons of the moment or sharing a friggin meme. Need some help? I gotchu...
  1. Donate actual money
    You know what people in need could use more than your "thoughts and prayers"? MONEY. Money buys resources, support, manpower and a million other things people desperately need during trying times. If you can skip your cup of coffee today, or pack a lunch instead of hitting up Chipotle, then you could literally put your money where your mouth is. Don't ever think your dollar isn't enough to help someone, somewhere.
  2. Donate your time
    When people are hurting, there's always a need for hands to hold, shoulders to cry on, arms to build and ears to listen. Your presence means the world to people who are struggling and feel like they're fighting a losing battle all on their own. Stand in solidarity with them...and physically be there. When you can help find a way to improve someone's situation just by showing up, you'll never feel like you've wasted a second of your free time.
  3. Donate your voice
    You have opinions, so share them. You have had your own experiences, so share those too. Your words are important and they resonate with everyone around you. Use your words to inspire, uplift and remind those dealing with seemingly insurmountable hurdles that they're not alone and they matter.
  4. Donate your blood
    Or your bone marrow, or anything else you can offer that will dramatically increase the chance of someone's survival. Not that you're in it for a prize but there's usually a juice box or bag of cookies in it for you too. You know, in case saving lives becomes old hat.
  5. Donate goods
    Food, books, clothing, medical supplies...whether it's right here at home or some place you can barely pronounce overseas, people need things. And a lot of us are lucky enough to have more than we need at home. So look around, find the things someone else might benefit from more than you are, and send them off to be reused and appreciated all over again.
  6. Donate your skills
    Charities, rotaries, fellowship groups and anyone else with a cause they're fighting for, can't do it on their own. There is an unimaginable amount of fundraising that goes into raising awareness and support. Are you good with people? Pick up the phone. Do you have business networks up the wazoo? Start shaking hands. Help the ones with the means, connect with the ones without.