The Meaning of Life Is Irrelevant When This Question Is Unanswered

What the fuck is up with couples taking photographs in open fields?
  1. When you think of all the people, places and things that define your relationship, does your brain really point to a field?
  2. I mean, how many actual fields have you and your significant other romantically skipped through?
  3. How do so many of you even have sprawling, photogenic fields surrounding you so often?
  4. Aren't you worried about ticks?! Because you really should be worried about ticks. They're probably all over you right now...
  5. And you'd subject your adorable pup to your tick infested fate? You better be up to date on his god damn Frontline.
  6. This chick almost has the right idea, but she's still in a field so...
  7. You know there's a better place to do that, right? Like a road? Or a driveway? Or literally anywhere else?
  8. If the brush is as tall as your wife, you should be legitimately concerned about it consuming her.
  9. Namaste, you fucking idiots.
  10. Enjoy your make out...with a mouthful of fluff petals.
  11. You've never done this. Not once during your entire relationship. Why do it a fucking field? You're not fooling anyone.
  12. Oh, stop it.