These Photos Will Never Not Make Me Happy

  1. This photo of my Dad holding an "Award of Appreciation" that my Mom made for him after he saved her from choking.
  2. This photo of my boyfriend trying to take a selfie of the two of us. I think he nailed it.
  3. This photo of my Grandparents doing what makes them happy.
  4. This picture of my BFF hooting and hollering as I graduated high school.
  5. This photo of a dance battle where I broke the laws of physics.
  6. This photo of the time I won a prize and it turned out to be a badass Banana who screams "Murica!"
  7. This photo of us college kids being all collegiate, not paying bills or being responsible for anything but good times.
  8. This photo where our dog is living his happiest life.
  9. This photo where I perfected the art of being an old man.
  10. This photo of us taking full advantage of cocktail hour and having 9 glasses of wine. We remember nothing after this. We actually don't even remember this photo.
  11. This photo of two employees who took Halloween at work VERY seriously.
  12. This photo of my Mom and I spending quality time together.
  13. This photo that perfectly sums up my entire childhood of living at the beach.
  14. This photo of my favorite people being hot, sweaty and glorious together in Mexico.
  15. This photo of us owning the back of the bus and leading everyone in a 90's sing along.
  16. This photo of my Dad being very confused about how to feed a baby.
  17. This photo of the greatest discovery I've ever made. Ever.