Why Are You Messing With Me, Hulu?

Change sucks. But I have come to learn that some change is for the best & should be embraced. That isn't the case w/ Hulu. Hulu users used to have a Queue which held all of their favorited shows, marked them when new episodes became available & it was efficient & logical & EASY. They've now swapped it w/ Watchlist which is the opposite & I hate it!
  1. I used to open up Hulu, and there was my Queue where all my shows were lined up, the ones with new episodes first, no junk to sift through and just pure enjoyment.
  2. Now when I open Hulu, it's a god forsaken nightmare. There's something in my Queue's place called a Watchlist and it is a travesty. A travesty I tell you!
  3. During an active season there used to be maybe, 15 shows in my Queue. Now, that my Watchlist has spontaneously ousted my Queue and set up it's own dictatorship, there are 117 shows!!!
  4. I might even be able to wrap my brain around that fact if all 117 shows were shows I watch. And mind you, I watch a shit ton of television so that is entirely possible. But no, they couldn't even do that...
  5. You want to know how bad it is? GOOD. Cause I'm going to tell you...
  6. They put Blood and Oil in my Watchlist.
    Excuse me. Is this show still on air? Better yet, did it actually ever air at all? That's how little I know about this show. I didn't know it was still in existence so WHY IS IT IN MY WATCHLIST?!
  7. Something with Kevin Smith on the cover.
    There is no Kevin Smith allowed in this house! Not after Tusk. The hurt goes too deep.
  8. The Young Turks
    What is this? Is it news? Is it an overseas melodrama? Is it neither and I really should be watching it? I doubt it. But what I do know is that I never asked for it in my Watchlist!
  9. 20/20
    How fucking old do you think I am, Hulu?
  10. The View
    Now you've gone and done it. I have never taken in an episode of the View. I don't relate to any of those women. You've got one small minded person over here, one blowhard over there and Whoopi doesn't even have eyebrows!
  11. Nick Mom: Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor
    Uh no. No no no no no. I don't believe in Stephanie's with an "F". I'm not doing it. Nope.
  12. Expedition Wild
    I don't know what that is, but that doesn't look like Bear Grylls on the cover so why would I even pretend to care?
  13. Charlie Rose, Nightline and Larry King Now
    Again, I'm not an ailing grandmother of seven, enjoying the latest AARP with my morning Metamucil "treat", so no, I'm not watching these.
  14. Elite New Face
    I'm assuming this is a modeling show but the three women on the cover look so painfully annoyed to be doing what they're doing that I can't. I don't want to hear about how tough it is to be a model. I'm sorry, but, shut up your face.
  15. Billy on the Street
    That stays. Forever and ever.