I'm a day late...but I said I was going to do it! So here is is! Happy birthday @himay92 😊😭🎂🎁🎈
  1. We met in sixth grade by pretending we were trees.
    I have no idea why, but it happened and it was great.
  2. She once wrote and recorded a song about me taking a toy unicorn from @bristrod's locker.
    "When poor Mr. rainbow was kidnapped from his home against his will." Yes, I still remember it. Don't judge me.
  3. One time, she inadvertently slammed her face down into the water while standing in a swimming pool and it was hilarious.
    And now we say she "pulled a Jami." @sarahshaw4
  4. She's a pretty sweet ice skater.
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    Also I'm pretty sure this picture proves she doesn't age...
  5. She's not pregnant. 😂
  6. I remember in seventh grade seeing her draw and being dumbfounded because I had no idea she knew how to draw that well! But she totally does.
  7. She is the world's best shopper. If you ever need to get crap done, take her shopping with you.
  8. And finally, Jami is the coolest because she is friends with me, obviously. 😉😜