Ahh Chase... my sometimes witty, often unintentionally hilarious younger brother... To be continued.
  1. "You look artificial. Your face is too smooth to be true."
  2. "If you touch my mongo, I will fill this room with Zyklon b."
    This is not the first reference to Zyklon b he has made. I think it might be he only thing he remembered from his history class.
  3. "I'm 17, that makes me a minority."
    I believe you mean a minor.
  4. "Hi Callie, is your uterus feeling better?"
  5. Callie: "I was being facetious." Chase: "Well I was being feces."
    This one seriously didn't make sense even in context. Hahaha 😂
  7. "I have a log in my pants"
    I don't even want to know. At all.
  8. "He let him off scotch clean."
    Um, what?
  9. "The solution is to wing them off food stamps."
    A direct quote from his senior paper.
  10. "I'm feeling Franceician"
    The word he was looking for was French.
  11. "You have to appreciate rice. People in Africa only get a tiny bit. People in Africa only get like 3 grains."
  12. This gem:
  13. "I lied because it was a Sunday."
    This is so backwards...😂
  14. "If I go to a movie I have to eat, and I can't eat if I just ate."