I'm a pessimistic cynic so excuse the title
  1. I'm very pessimistic
  2. I'm incredibly cynical
    I get it off my dad, the guy moans about everything
  3. One time in Primary School (Junior School?) I threw a chair at my best mate because he didn't believe I could throw a cricket ball at 60mph
    He was probably right.
  4. I've fractured both my wrists a total of 5 times
  5. And my thumb twice
  6. Last year my dad had a quadruple heart bypass
    Scary shit
  7. I binge watch Netflix constantly
    Especially American Comedies
  8. I can't go to sleep without watching at least one episode of Archer.
    Danger Zoneeeee
  9. I desperately want to travel, but I have to work all over summer so I can afford to go to University
    Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do
  10. I'm only 19 and I feel like I'm wasting my young age
    Everyone has those stories about things they did when they were 17/18/19/20 and I feel like I have none of those.
  11. I drink far too much
    Sue me
  12. I've become addicted to the gym since breaking up with my girlfriend
    6 days a week at least
  13. If I could eat pizza every night for my tea I would
    It sounds cliche, but my eternal love for pizza can never be eclipsed
  14. I'm 6"1
    I'm actually just over 6ft. SO WHAT.
  15. I can't decide if I prefer to be alone or be in a room full of people
  16. I'm probably a Royalist.
    Anyone try and rise up against Lizzie and I'll pick up my pike and charge.
  17. I like to think I'm mature
    I'm 100% not mature at all.
  18. Ghibli Anime Films are fucking amazing
    But I haven't watched one since I broke up with my girlfriend (She was Japanese and was the one who got me into them)
  19. Get those tiny violins out for #18
  20. I feel like an outsider to li.st
    I'm very crude. I swear a lot. I'm not that funny on my lists. I'm not that creative.
  21. I put on 2 stone in my first year of University
  22. I'm very open with my feelings. But can also be extremely reserved as well.
    Mind fuck right?
  23. I sliced my hand open with a big boning knife and had to have surgery to repair the tendon
  24. I'm gonna show you my sliced open hand/finger
  25. Gross
    I love scars though sooo....
  26. I have a mole in the middle of my torso that I fucking hate
  27. I love the sound of bagpipes
  28. When I'm at home in the summer I pay my mum rent. Even though she explicitly told me not to
    The woman made me, it's the very very very least I could do
  29. I love the kids show Gravity Falls
    Honestly, if you like animation, frickin watch it
  30. I play golf
  31. I love Jackass, but I still can't watch about 10% of the stunts
    Some of the are so disgusting!
  32. I have a soft spot for Disney films
    Frozen, Mulan, Inside Out. You name it, I've probably watched it
  33. I love video games
    I'm 19. Of course I do. But, there are so many good games out there! If any of you play, let me know because I love discovering new games
  34. I want to work in video games 'when I'm older'
    I do a history degree, so even if it was just as a researcher I'd still be over the moon
  35. I'm still a little bit scared of the dark
    But, isn't everyone?
  36. I've smoked weed, but never anything more
    Drugs aren't my thing
  37. I'm agnostic
    I know! I'm sitting on the fence, I should pick a side. I'm definitely not religious, but I can't help but think there is a higher power. Even if it's just a fat guy on a computer controlling us like sims
  38. I've been to festivals, but I'm not a huge music fan
    Even if you don't like music, I'd recommend going to a festival. The atmosphere is amazing and you get blind drink for 3 days
  39. I've had a recurring dream of breaking my phone screen
    Where's Sigmund Freud at when you need him?
  40. My cars engine light has been on for 3 months and I've done nothing about it
  41. I don't do horrors
    What's the point?
  42. From the age of about 7-14 I was really good friends with my neighbour and I miss it.
    He was like 6 years older than me but he introduced me to video games. He actually goes to my gym now and we always have a good laugh when we are in their together
  43. I didn't pay my TV license last year
    In the UK if you want to watch TV you have to buy a TV license. It's about £120 and it goes straight to the BBC. This might seem weird but I totally agree with it. It means the BBC has no sponsors or adverts and can remain totally neutral. But, me student so...
  44. I'm pretty addicted to Lilt
    LILT Is a soft drink made from pineapple and citrus fruits. I could drown in it and would die happy
  45. If I take the piss out of you, it means I like you
  46. I really really really want to make friends on li.st
  47. I used to have really bad skin acne
  48. I check myself out in a mirror before I leave a bathroom
    Yeaaaa sorry not sorry
  49. I doubt anyone has got this far
  50. If you have, comment with 🏊 to let me know.
    Because Ryan Lochte sucks donkey ass