Requested by @jessilee23 (What a great fecking jdea!)
  1. In-N-Out burger
    They look fucking delicious, they could taste like dogs anus, but they look fucking delicious.
  2. TV series that go on for longer than 6 episodes
    This infuriates me. You guys get 20+ episodes a season. We get 6. IF WE ARE LUCKY.
  3. Late night comedy chat shows
    Giphy downsized medium
    I love Last Week Tonight and things like Conan etc. We have like 2 over here and both are average at best.
  4. Uber
    We literally only got it a year ago and it's only available in like 5 cities
  5. Comedy Clubs
    They may be shit, but they don't exist here
  6. "Project X" style college parties.
    We have house parties, but maximum 35/40 people. Not 350/400.
  7. Cheap 'Gas'
    Firstly, it's petrol. Secondly, it's £1.06 a litre over here. Which translates to $6.90 a gallon. (I think, I'm a History major. Not a mathS one)
  8. Takeaway food (More variety)
    In Britain the takeaways you get are; McDonald's etc/Chinese/Indian/Pies/Fish and Chips and that's it. Id love to be able to walk into somewhere and buy Pasta in a big tin foil dish, walk out, and scoff my face in my car whisky wallowing in self-loath