1. Rabbits
    Right. These little fluffy freaks stare at you with those dark, black-hole like eyes, and then they surprise the fuck out of you by jumping all over the place like a pocket rocket!
  2. Chickens
    With chickens, it's definitely down to the stare and head tilt. You all know what I mean! They peck at the floor then suddenly, focus on you. They don't flinch, they don't break the stare. Then BOOM. Head tilt. Like they're buddy is sneaking up behind you with a knife.
  3. Pigs
    I have a love-hate thing going on with pigs. Piglets, cutest fucking things. Even small pigs are amazing! BUT. Those huge fat fucks with the ugly British teeth and the almost frowning face? Nooooooooope. And plus, if you collapse/pass out/die in a pig sty they will actually eat you.
  4. Milking Cows
    People don't understand how big these gals are. And their udders?!? Just what the shit man 😩😩😩😩