Assumptions I've Made About Americans Through

This is a purely subjective view. But, from lists I've read made by Americans these are the assumptions I've made. Enjoy!
  1. You guys can be really unfriendly in person
    When I say "you guys" I mean Americans, not'ers. (You lot are all top notch people!). But, from what I can tell, you ignore people in public, you're not talkative or social to strangers and that's really sad! I mean, I've been on the tube in London and yes that's anti-social af. But, in the middle of England (where I live) everyone is friendly, greets each other and will chat with strangers at the bus stop or in the corner shop.
  2. You're all politically switched on.
    Now I know for a fact this is a wrong assumption (Mainly because of the poll numbers of a certain Trump. Which btw is a word for a fart in Britain) but, loads of you on are acutely aware of political/social issues. Things like Black Lives Matter, occupy Wall Street etc. And as a History/Politics student it actually makes me so happy people take this shit seriously.
  3. You're country is a fucking beautiful place
    I've seen some pictures of some amazing places that are situated within the U.S. I forget how huge America is compared to my tiny Island and obviously that means you have so many different climates and landscapes. Fucking beautiful.
  4. You take heritage seriously
    I'm British. I'm half Scottish, half English. That's it. Simples. But you are all like; "I'm German, English, Welsh and a bit of Spanish" It's so cool you take your heritage so seriously and remember where you come from. We are clearly too lazy to keep track
  5. You're all for diversity
    I feel like paints a really non-true pretty picture... But, I see a lot of trending list criticising something ft failing to be diverse (Like Stranger Things) or praising something for having more diversity than an explosion at a sperm bank.
  6. Keep up the good work'ers!