Next Generation was finished before I was even born. But, it's recently on Netflix and I decided to give my inner nerd some joy
  1. It's cringey, but good cringe
    The acting is very over the top. But, will entertaining
  2. Captain Pacard is one bad ass mother fucker
    Nuff said
  3. I feel sorry for Wil Wheaton
    Wesley Crusher seems like a normal character. Don't understand the hate! #TeamWesley (I am only 5 episodes in)
  4. Lieutenant Yarl is annoying af
    Bad actress, shitty obedient character.
  5. Counsellor what's-her-face too
  6. Commander T Riker is gunning for Picards job
    I swear if this was House of Cards, Riker would 100% be Frank Underwood
  7. Whoever the fight choreographer was deserves to get his ass kicked himself/herself
  8. I just want to give Data a hug