I Wish I Was a Kid Again!

  1. Every Saturday and Sunday you'd watch Cartoons all morning with a mountain of cereal!
  2. You could spend a whole day playing with LEGO and would consider it a "productive" day
  3. Fashion sense wasn't a thing. You could get away with wearing absolutely anything and nobody cared
  4. Christmas, Birthdays, and most other holidays were 10x more exciting
  5. No responsibilities whatsoever
  6. It was impossible to have a vice like drinking, gambling, smoking
  7. You could spend hours and hours playing outside
  8. The amount of free time was almost too much. None of this 30 day holiday nonsense
  9. Money didn't mean anything to you. You could have a handful of pennies in your hand and feel like Bill Gates
  10. You had no regrets
  11. You had your ENTIRE life ahead of you and in a sense, you didn't even realise
  12. Barely knowing what a mobile (cell) phone was and not knowing in a decade you couldn't go an hour without checking one
  13. No idea what social media even was
  14. No feel of a need to fit in, no anxiety
  15. Man, I wish I was a fucking kid again.