1. Dwight - Herpes
    Giphy downsized medium
    Super annoying and never goes away, but is actually harmless when you think about it.
  2. Ryan - Chlamydia
    Can go unnoticed for a very long time and 80% of the time doesn't cause a problem. But when it's bad? it's baaaaaaad
  3. Stanley - Syphilis
    If you appease it early then it goes away with ease, but if you leave it to fester and get angry then prepare to feel it's wrath
  4. Kelly - Crabs
    Super fucking annoying and always needs attention by reminding you they're there
  5. Creed - Genital Warts/HPV
    Relativity painless but can cause you to bleed if you irritate them too much. We all know Creed had a little bit of crazy in him